North Fork Action

Its Time to Take Action for the North Fork!

The North Fork is an area reinventing itself as a food and wine center, a creative and cultural hub.  A nationally-renowned agritourism destination, the North Fork is a blend of old and new, a producer of low-sulfur ‘super-compliant’ coal with a hundred-year mining heritage, and home to the state’s highest concentration of organic farms and orchards.

Colorado's North Fork Valley

A One of A Kind Place Worth Saving

A renown agricultural region famous for fruit orchards, ranches, and more recently organic produce and wineries, Western Colorado’s North Fork Valley is a unique and rare place.  This culture has help nurture a growing food and culinary industry.  Which in turn has strengthened the draw for tourists who no longer only come for the excellent hunting opportunities in the nearby national forest and West Elk Wilderness.

Stand Up-Official Video


As the U.S. Bureau of Land Management revises its Resource Management Plan for the North Fork’s public lands, special care must be given to the management of oil and gas leasing and development.

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